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Red, White and Royal Blue: A Love Story That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, and Swoon - Download It Today

The poster shows Alex Claremont-Diaz, played by Taylor Zakhar Perez, wearing a blue suit with a United States flag pin, and lovingly glancing at Britain's fictional Prince Henry, dressed in royal regalia and portrayed by Nicholas Galitzine.

Now, straight across the hall, June's room is all bright white and soft pink and minty green, photographed by Vogue and famously inspired by old '60s interior design periodicals she found in one of the White House sitting rooms. His own room was once Caroline Kennedy's nursery and, later, warranting some sage burning from June, Nancy Reagan's office. He's left up the nature field illustrations in a neat symmetrical grid above the sofa, but painted over Sasha Obama's pink walls with a deep blue.

download red white and royal blue book

McQuiston first came up with the idea for what would become red, white, and royal blue during the 2016 US presidential election. While watching a season of HBO's comedy series Veep and reading a biography of Hillary Clinton written by Carl Bernstein, A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, were intrigued by the high-profile and extravagant lifestyle of royalty and wanted to write their own version of a story starring a royal family.

Mr. Schermerhorn received hisguests on the piazza, where all thechairs in the house, one would think,were placed for the company, as the[93]best view of the lawn was from thispoint. To the extreme right were thewhite tents of the camp, half hiddenby the immense trunk of a magnificentelm, the only tree that broke thesmooth expanse of the lawn. On theleft a thick hawthorne hedge separatedthe ornamental grounds from thecultivated fields of the place, while infront the view was bounded by theblue and sparkling waters of theSound.

It was Jessie; but a great changehad been made in her appearance.Over her snowy muslin skirts she hada short classic tunic of red, white, andblue silk; a wreath of red and whiteroses and bright blue jonquils encircledher curls, and in her hand she carried[100]a superb banner. It was made of darkblue silk, trimmed with gold fringe;on one side was painted an Americaneagle, and on the other the words"Dashahed Zouaves," surroundedwith a blaze of glory and gold stars.She advanced to the edge of the piazza,and in a clear, sweet voice, a littletremulous, but very distinct, shesaid:


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