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Cannabis Grow Bible

Preface ixSampling Marijuana xvChapter 1 A Quick Start Guide 1Indoor Quick Starting 5Outdoor Quick Starting 11Chapter 2 The Cannabis Plant 15Coevolution 15How Old is Cannabis? 16Cannabis Consumption 16Cannabis Adaptations 17Cannabis Paleobotany 19Landrace Cannabis 20Cannabis and Modern Law 22Feral Cannabis 22THC 23THC Levels and THC Quantities 23Medical Cannabis 24Cannabinoids 25More on Levels and Yields 26THC Test Kits 27Hemp 28Anatomy of a Trichome 30CBD Strains 31Resin 31Hash 31The Plant 32Cannabis Species 35The History of the Scientific Classification of Cannabis 35Species 36Pre-Darwin Cannabis Classification 37Post-Darwin 38Cannabis Taxonomy for Scientists and Researchers 40Scientific Cannabis Taxonomy 41Breeders' Strain Type Terminology 41Strain List 44Cannabis Reproduction 47Understanding Sex Determination Systems 47Dioecious, Monoecious, and Hermaphrodites 48Advanced Sinsemilla Facts 50Sex Determination 51Breeding for Desirable Traits 56General Cannabis Morphology 56Leaf Types 57The Life Cycle of the Cannabis Plant 58The Three Main Pure Types of Cannabis 59Let's Get Growing 64What to Know Before You Grow 67Chapter 3 Seeds: Selection, Banks, and Storage 69How Many Good Strains? 69What's a Hybrid? 70What is Ruderalis? 71Indica or Sativa? 73Harvesting Seeds 74Selecting Seeds 75Medical Equivalents of High Types 76Seeds and Flowering Periods (Photoperiod) 77How to Get Seeds 78How Do You Choose a GOOD Seed Bank 79Choosing a Seed Bank 82Storing Seeds 85Long-Term Storage 85Germplasm 86Transporting Seeds 87Chapter 4 Germination and Propagation 89What is Propagation? 89Propagation Logistics 90Germination Techniques 92Seed Towel Propagation 94Cannabis Seed Morphology 95Cannabis Seed Germination 96Cannabis Seed Functions 96Dangers When Germinating Seeds 97Parts of a Seedling 98Transplanting Seedlings 99Transplanting 101Transplanting a Plant 103Transplant Shock 105Troubleshooting Germination and Propagation 106Root Bound Plants 107Chapter 5 The Great Divide: Indoors or Outdoors 111Natural Light 111Gardening Tools 112Natural Indoor Growing 113Outdoor Growing 116Planning for Outdoor Growing and Guerrilla Farming 116Guerrilla Farming 117Security 117Indoor Security 119Lock It Up! 120Fires 121Outdoor Security 122Guerrilla Growing Security 124Chapter 6 Organic Growing 129Brief History of Organic Cultivation 131Basic Organics 132Let's Get Growing Organically 136Organic Soil Garden 138Nutrient Meters/TDS Meters 141Crop Rotation 141Compost 141Aerobic Decomposition 142Organic Compost 143Layers in a Compost Heap 144Compost Bins 145Compost Tea 146Mulch 147Aerated Teas for Living Soil Blends 148Worm Composting 153Vermicomposting 155Humus 156Coir Blocks 156Organic Weeding 156Controlling Pests 156Organic Feeding Products 156Slow Release Systems 156Fast Release Systems 157Vegetative and Flowering Organics 158Best Practices 159Large Scale Organic Cultivation 160Organics and Hydroponics 164Rules for Organic Growing 165Chapter 7 The Indoor Growing Environment 167Indoor Lights 168Bulbs 171Color Bands and Plant Growth 172Correlated Color Temperature 173Color Rendering Index 174Basics of Photosynthesis 175Seedling Lighting 177Clone or Small Plant Lighting 178Vegetative Plant and Clone Mother Plant Lighting 178Flowering Plant Lighting 179Peace Naturals Grow Room 180Common Lighting Types 182High Intensity Discharge Lights 189Metal Halide (MH) and Mercury Vapor (MV) Lights 190High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lights 191HID Wattage and Lumens 191Lumens and Marijuana Growing 191The General Illumination Formula 192Questions to Ask When Buying a Lighting Kit 193HID Bulb Brand Comparison 194What to Look for When Buying a Lighting Kit 195How to Get the Most from Your Lighting System 196White and Mylar 197Spare Bulbs 199Electrical Warnings 199Adjusting Your Lights 199Overgrowing 200Temperatures 20124/0 and 18/6-The Vegetative Photoperiod 201Lamp Efficiency in Lumens 202Maintain the Photoperiods 202Electrical Costs 203Lamp Efficiency for MH and HPS 204Sample Comparison of Wattage and Lumens 205Advanced Lighting 207How HID Works 207How HPS Works 209A Short Word on LEDs 211Soil 211Common Soil Types 212pH 214Nutrients 215Mixing Soils and Soil Ratios 216Understanding the NPK Ratio 217Pots 218Chapter 8 Indoor Environmental Control 221Nutrient Control 221Basic Feeding Plan 223Vegetative Growth 224Pre-Flowering Maturity and Flowering 226Starting Balanced or Not 226No Magic Formula 227pH Checking 227Classic Nutrient Types 227Secondary Nutrient Deficiencies 229Common Mg Problems 229Breeding Specialization 230Image and Deficiency 230Nutrient Disorder List 230Testing Nutrients 234Feeding 234pH Control 238Water pH 239Making a Travel pH Tester 242Water Control 243Air Control 245Odor Control 246Build Your Own Carbon Air Filter 249Ventilation 251Active Venting 252Filters 252Fans 252Humidity 253Temperature 254Timers 256CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) 256Climate Controllers 260Soil Flushing 261Clean and Store 263Making the Most of Experimental Trials 265Chapter 9 Pre-flowering and Flowering 267Failure Rates 267Lateral Branching 269Pre-Flowering and Early Sexing 273Checking for Calyx Development 273Early Sexing Methods 275When to Flower 276The All-important 12/12 278Plant Traits 279Stop Light Leaks 280Hermaphrodite 281Problems with 12/12 281Pre-flowering for the 24/0 and the 18/6 Photoperiods 282Flowering Sex Determination-Male or Female? 283Pre-flowers: females 284Pre-flowers: males 285Bracts are not Calyx Development 287Male Flowering 287Pollen 288Flowering 289Dehumidification 291Stressing for Production 292Roots 293Chapter 10 Advanced Indoor Grow Methods 295Are We Really Soil-Based? 297Why Not One Pot for Many Plants? 298The Important Cannabis Canopy 298Preparing the "Special Clone Mother" 300To SOG or ScrOG? 304SOG (Sea of Green) 305ScrOG 310ScrOG Growing by Real High 310Some Notes on SOG and ScrOG Growing 314Sweet Seeds Micro ScrOG 318Sweet Seeds Guide To Plant Bending 324Tent/Cabinet Growing 326Closet Growing 327Customizing Advanced Set Ups 331Expert Gardening Tech 332Space Buckets 333Space Bucket Lighting 334Space Bucket DIY 101 335Preparing the Growth Chamber 337Lighting Configuration 338Airflow Installation 341Height Stacking Spacers 341Growing in a Space Bucket 342Open DIY Community 342Automated Space Buckets 342Training Techniques 342Airflow Options for Buckets 343Controlling Heat 343Chapter 11 Hydroponics 344Two Types of Hydroponics 347The Grower and the Growing Medium 348The Benefits of Hydroponics 348Basic Hydroponic Systems 349DIY Hydroponics 349Additional DIY Parts 349Sizing 350Roots and Air 351What to Know Before You Grow 356What System to Select 357Manual NFT System 357Nutrient Film Technique 358Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) 358Flood and Drain/Ebb and Flow 361Ebb and Flow System 362An Ebb and Flow System 364Wick System 369Wick 369How to Build a DIY Wick System 370Gravity System 372Gravity 372Drip Irrigation 373Drip Irrigation System 373Automatic Hydroponic Pots and Manual Hydroponic Pots 376Aeroponics 376Commercial Pot 377Aeroponic System 378DWC/The Bubbler 380Setting Up the Hydroponic Environment 381The Bubble Bucket 382Hydroponic Nutrients 384Preparing Nutrient Solutions 386Hydroponic pH 387Algae 387Grow and Bloom 387Controlling the Hydroponics Environment 388Hydroponic Grow Chamber 390Affordable Hydroponics 392Lighting and Hydroponics 393Chapter 12 Outdoor Growing 395Time Zones 396Growing from Seed 397Growing from Clone 397Research Your Strain First 398Patch Basics 399The Elements 399Collateral Damage Planning 399Weeds 400Seeds Outdoors 400Transplanting 401Duck's Foot Cannabis 402Outdoor Cultivation in Africa 404Soil 406Watering 406Polymer Crystals 407Irrigation 407Preparing a Plot 408Rainwater and Resins 410Pests and Fungi 410Advanced Patch Care 410Guerrilla Outdoor Growing 411Outdoor Cannabis Gardens From the Air 412Outdoor Challenges 414Caring for Outdoor Plants 416Advanced Weeding 416Outdoor Cultivation in Australia 417Visit Weeding 419Autumn Clearing 419Advanced Outdoor Watering 420Adding Nutrients 422Air Pruning 422Outdoor Flowering and the Photoperiod 424Chapter 13 Caring for Mature Cannabis Plants 427Don't Remove Any Healthy Leaves 427Types of Plant Manipulation 428Light Bending (Phototropism) 428Pruning for Yield 431Regular or Bushy? 435Regular Shape 435Topping 440How to Make Cannabis Bushes 442FIM Technique 443Super-Cropping Technique 443Super-Cropping 444Super-Cloning 446Regular and Bushy 447Broken Stem Fixes 448Cloning 450Automated Hydro Cloning 452Step-by-Step Guide to Cloning 454Cloning in Rockwool 458Advanced Plant Care Techniques 460Bonsai Clones 462Increasing Yield 465Reverting to Vegetative Growth 465ScrOG Cannabis Rejuvenation 466Increasing Your Chances of Females 469JB Haze Guide to Cannabis Regeneration 470End of the Grow 473Chapter 14 Problem Solver 475Domestic Pets 476Pesticides, Herbicides, and Fungicides 476Pesticides 476Why Cannabis Resin and Soapy Pesticides Don't Mix 478Pest Index 478Ants 479Aphids 479Cutworms, Caterpillars, and Larvae 480Deer 482Gnats 482Grasshoppers 482Groundhogs 483Mealy Bugs 483Rabbits 483Scale 483Slugs and Snails 483Spider Mites 484Termites 484Thrips 486Whitefly 486Woodchucks and Other Small Rodents 486Pest Predators 487Beetles 487Braconid Wasps 487Bugs 488Earthworms 488Frogs 488Lacewings 489Ladybird Beetles 489Mantodea (Praying Mantis) 490Spiders 490Recovering from a Pest Invasion 491Fungi 492Fungus Botrytis 492Root Rot 493Powdery Mildew 494Chemical Burns 495Nutrient Deficiencies 496Nutrient Deficiencies Guide 49710 Steps to Saving Your Grow 498No Cure for Bad Genetics 501Chapter 15 Harvesting and Curing Your Cannabis 503Dealing with Smells 503Resin Slicks 503Harvest Indicators 504Strain Variation at Harvest 506The Harvest 508Label Everything 508Quick Bud Samples 508Expert Harvest Indication 509Body and Cerebral Harvesting 511Reducing Humidity 511Dark Period Harvesting 512Harvest Flushing 512Trichomes and Pistils 513Indica Harvest 514Trichomes at Harvest 515Preliminary Manicuring 516Industrial Cannabis Harvesters 517Hand Manicuring 518Sativa Harvest 520Drying Times 520Labeling Trays 524Manicuring 524Harvest 528Professional Trimming 530Bud Storage Techniques 532Curing 533Mold 535Mold Prevention Techniques 536Hemp 539Chapter 16 How to Breed Cannabis 543Making Seeds 544Pollen Collection and Storage 544Collecting and Storing Seeds 547Introduction to Plant Genetics 548Simple Breeding 550Continuing a Strain Through Seeds 550Making a Simple Hybrid 552Introduction to Plant Genetics 552Dominant/Recessive and Genetic Notation 552The Hardy-Weinberg Model Part 1 553The Test Cross 559Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Part 2 564Mendel's Pea Plant Experiments 565How to True-Breed a Strain 567Advanced Breeding Techniques 570How to Generate a Clone Mother 572Autoflowering Hybrids 574Concluding Thoughts on Breeding 576Lore of the Lowryder 578Chapter 17 Top Ten 587Top Ten Landrace Strains 589Top Ten Indica-Dominant Strains 591Top Ten Sativa-Dominant Strains 593Top Ten High-CBD Strains 595Chapter 18 How to Make Hash and Oils 597Hash 597Get Your Harvest Right First 597Trichomes to Hash 598Gathering the Stalked Capitate Trichomes 600Easy Hash-Making 600Grinding and Freezing 600Cannabis Extraction Processes 601Skuff 601Ice Water Hash 602Screening (Basic Methods) 605Multiple Screening Method 607Advanced Screening 608Screening for Hash 609Drum Machines 614Basic Water Extraction 614Advanced Water Extraction 615Pressing Resin into Hash 616Sol vent less Cannabis Oil Extraction (Rosin Tech) 618Oils 620Supercritical Fluid Extraction 620Basic Oil Extraction 625Butane Extraction 626Hot Water Butane Evaporation 627Butane Honey Oil Evaporation 628Closed Loop System 632Closed Looping 633CO2 - Subcritical Fluid Extraction 639Tank to Tank CO2 Extraction 640Cleaning 640Thin Film Evaporators 640Terpenes 641Bubble Hash 642Chapter 19 How Jo Enjoy Cannabis 645What is Dabbing? 646How to Roll a Joint 648The Equipment 649How to Make a Tinfoil Pipe 650How to Make a Bucket Bong 652Dabbing Safety 653How to Make a Lightbulb Vaporizer 654Marijuana Butter Recipe 656Chapter 20 The Cannabis Grow Bible Checklist 659Endnotes 664Resources 671Index 673Show Moreif(typeof performance.mark !== 'undefined' && typeof performance.measure !== 'undefined')performance.mark("Product_Tabs_loading_end");performance.measure("productTabsDur","Product_Tabs_loading_start","Product_Tabs_loading_end");Related Subjects Marijuana->Cultivation Marijuana->CultivationEditorial ReviewsConsistently this book is my go-to resource for information on growing marijuana and information on cannabis botany. It is an invaluable book." —S.T. Oner, author of Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide and Marijuana Chef Cookbook"...the one I always refer peeps to when they want a general all about and how-to guide when growing cannabis. I think this book is awesome." —The Rev, author of True Living Organics: The Ultimate Guide to Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors"An excellent resource for anyone interested in growing marijuana." —SKUNK Magazine"The definitive resource for those interested in the art and science of cannabis cultivation." —Weed World Magazine"Hands down the best resource for growers on the market." —iSmoke Magazine"This definitive guide to cannabis cultivation is targeted at a wide range of skill levels, with detailed information of every aspect of growing from basic to very advanced... Overall, this is a comprehensive and no-nonsense guide to cannabis cultivation, with particularly good layout and formatting making it well-presented and easy on the eye." —Sensi Seeds"An important development for American growers. This book ensures that growers will get a reliable and consistent harvest." —

Cannabis Grow Bible

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