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KGF Chapter 2 (2022) ((EXCLUSIVE))

What a theatrical experience goosebumps throughout, definitely worth every penny. What KGF chapter 1 was in terms of build up scenes and cinematic slo-mo, world building, Chapter 2 doubles it. Rather than bitching about it, accepting it as a full on commercial theater material cinema, I was not disappointed. Had a lot of fun and the amount of mass scenes reaches zenith. All in all, if you know what you'll expect from it, a worthy sequel, with bigger antagonists and bigger firepower, you'll be satisfied. PS I am so baffled that this spectacle was made just with 100 crores.

KGF Chapter 2 (2022)


He is also reportedly working with Prashanth Neel, a director in the Kannada and Telugu film industries, on a project entitled NTR31. Neel directed Kannada blockbusters K.G.F. Chapter 1 (2018) and K.G.F. Chapter 2 (2022) and recently wrapped a Telugu-language film entitled Salaar, starring Prabhas. 041b061a72

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