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Carter Edwards

Forever StrongHD Fix

The second segment begins, where the player after defeat the dragon. Process to another screen, where you meet Hammer Joe kill it and moving forward. Where the ladder awaits you to climb up. Where the player will meet the Copy Robot, stop it with the Clamp Ring and climb up on the right ladder to get the Big Bolt. If the player want to go the other way to reach the other side. the player had to face the Copy Robot again. So is not worth it, use the Primal Bomb and blast the wall and destroy the Shield Attacker before moving forward. Here is where the conveyor belt section jump and slide over the second one. Used the Clamp Ring to stop the saw for preventing damage. Climb up the ladder and go up. Where more obstacles course await. Here the player need to be careful of going down not to get hit by the spike and move left on the conveyor. Use the Scorch Flame and melt the ice block to fall to move forward. Where the player meet electric enemy. Quickly kill it with the Enker Lance. Because, if the player get hit if will fall at the bottom pit and die. Once you destroy it, jump and move to another screen. Quickly get the way through the Count Bomb to the ladder without stopping. Otherwise, you die. Once the player reach up. This is where the most annoying part of the section of the stage itself and need to use the ice block to get up. However, the player need to melt some of it to get on to it. But be very careful, you don't want to melt them all. Otherwise, it will be disappeared forever as the block won't respawn. Which the player need to die. The First one, the player need to jump and shoot the flame once after that is done. Switch back to normal and process by climbing the ladder after jumping on Count Bomb. The second one got two of it. Jump again and shoot it with flame to melt it then switch back again and jump on to it another by Count Bomb with the conveyor belt on top. Adjust the position and shoot it with the Scorch Flame again before switching back to normal and process, where the checkpoint reach.

Forever StrongHD

Congress approved the transfer of the land to Resolution Copper in 2014 as part of the National Defense Authorization Act in exchange for 6,000 acres elsewhere. Resolution Copper plans to build a mine that is nearly 2 miles wide and almost 1,100 feet deep, which would contaminate the water and end Apache ceremonies at the site forever, say Apache Stronghold leaders. Congress has protected Oak Flat for more than six decades.

A prisoner may try to escape. Your stronghold security rating determines how likely the escape attempt is to succeed. A prisoner who successfully escapes is gone forever. Requires that you have the Dungeons upgrade, as well as any prisoners actually in the dungeon. 041b061a72


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