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Carter Edwards
Carter Edwards

Where To Buy Tread Labs

They make great cycling insoles as well but most of us need met pads and this is where you will need to play with them a little. Hence, my only complaint, for a true cycling insole, the met pads should be built into the met pads. But, on the positive side, after many long talks with Tread Labs, I can tell you that they are very passionate about keeping your feet healthy.

where to buy tread labs


"We saw a clear gap in the sandal category where we could bring our insole engineering to everyday footwear providing the next generation of comfort and fit," said Paigen. "We began with the midsole of a running shoe, fast, comfortable, lightweight and cushioned, then added the proven arch support that our insole customers love and a microsuede footbed. Our rubber sole adds durability and slip resistance. Lastly, the 100% knit upper and the direct attach, glue less construction result in clean lines and an authentic sustainable shoe."

Happy feet are the key to enjoying a day on the trails, a run or just about anything for that matter. This means that your footwear needs the right amount of support and that is where Tread Labs wants to help. They recently sent me a few samples of their new insoles so I could let you know what I think.

Shoeprint and tire tread impression evidence is examined todetermine the brand name and manufacturer of the shoe or tire that made animpression. The design of the shoe's outsole may be searched through theShoeprint File. The portions of an impression that may be analyzed includedesigns, borders, and general shapes (e.g., pointed or rounded toes). If theimpression is complete, a general estimation of size sometimes can be made. Amore precise size determination is possible if the manufacturer is known. SeeFigures 10 and 11. Similarly, tire tread impression evidence is searchedthrough the Tire Tread File or through the annual reference book, TreadDesign Guide (Tire Guides, Incorporated, 2000).

Comparisons of shoeprint and tire tread impression evidence withsubmitted shoes or tires are also conducted. Impression evidence can be inthe form of photographs, lifts, casts, or an original item bearing animpression. A shoe can be definitively identified with an impression if thereis sufficient detail in the impression and sufficient identifyingcharacteristics are on the shoe. A tire can be positively identified with animpression if the same criteria are met. See Figure 12.

Additional information on the forensic examination of questioneddocuments, shoeprints, and tire treads is available in the QuestionedDocuments Examinations and the Shoeprints and Tire Treads Examinationssections of the Handbook of Forensic Services. 041b061a72


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