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Monster Buster Club

Sam volunteers to prepare a celebration of the day, when city was founded by a man named Addison Single. Cathy, however, proclaims Addison was an alien who tried to make this city for aliens. Sam refuses to believe it, but soon deep in the abandoned MBC storage beneath their clubhouse, where Chris accidentally activates a violet gemstone bringing the statue of Addison Single to life, which is revealed later that it is not a statue, it's the founder himself. Now The MBC Members must stop the statue from turning all citizens into stone, while keeping them busy so that they will not notice.

Monster Buster Club

The MBC Members take a fun-ride through the tunnels when the pipes begin to shake. However, they discover that road workers are causing it, but soon they turn out to be following new plans for digging new sewers. Meanwhile, Mr. Fusster takes the class sightseeing in the sewers. The MBC Members realize that class may discover club's tunnels which intersects with the sewers. Sam decides to scare everyone off so their club will remain undiscovered. However, things get worse when the strange "road worker" turns out to be an alien who tries to "suck" the entire town into the big prototype of MBC's tractor beam using the club's net of tunnels. Will The MBC Members be able to stop him before he succeeds?

It is a good afternoon and everyone is coming out for a walk and to study. Danny is skateboarding and showing off while Chris is working on his project, thinking he can finish before night falls. A bug scout sees everyone and Chris tries to drive him away. The bug ends up throwing him and causing an accident with Danny on the skateboard park, making Mark laugh at him. Soon, as they walk down the street, a swarm of bugs attacks The MBC Members. Danny catches a General bug, named General Louse but the swarm continue to attack forcing them to retreat back to their club house. Cathy tells everyone that Hugo is seeing Principal Rollins and she thinks she'll be getting detention. On the street, they are attacked by a swarm of bugs again. After a while, it reveals it's an alien bug and The MBC Members find out that their bug queen is coming to lay her eggs. Can they stop the queen before she arrives?

The MBC is infected by an alien virus. In order to quarantine them, the clubhouse was sent to outer space. This episode is made up mostly of flashbacks on the MBC's adventures showing how they got infected in the first place, but also focusing on the personalities of the team, and also notably insisting on the importance of team work to solve problems (many sequences show how MBC could capture aliens on uniting their strengths). Mr. Smith then uses his Rhapsodian healing powers to cure Danny, Chris and Sam, but fails in curing Cathy. It appears that the virus can't be extracted from Cathy's human body : so she has to transform back into her Rhapsodian form and concentrate hard to expel the virus. Once it's out of her, Cathy turns back into human & the team blasts the virus, which automatically ends quarantine. The clubhouse can now safely return to Earth.

Monster Buster Club is a French-Canadian children's CGI television series produced by Marathon Media (now Zodiak Kids). The show debuted on June 2, 2008 on Jetix in Europe, June 9, 2008 in the United States and in Asia on May 3, 2008. This show is about three twelve year old kids charged with saving their town from alien invasions helped by an alien girl named Cathy Smith. With her grandfather, they reform a renegade alien hunter club that was founded centuries ago called the Monster Buster Club, often abbreviated to MBC. This age-old club was disbanded when it was believed that aliens had wiped them out. Since then, new alien troublemakers have turned up, and the time has come for the prophecy to be fulfilled. Using a network of secret tunnels running through the town, the MBC heroes conduct undercover alien investigations, seeking out the eccentric-looking bad guys with a knack for alien tricks. As of June 19, 2008 only ten episodes were aired on Jetix Europe. New episodes started on July 14 on Jetix Europe. Monster Buster Club is also the first show (broadcasted by Jetix) debuted in countries of Eastern Europe (such as Romania and Russia) the same day as in the countries of Western Europe (such as United Kingdom and France). As for Disney Channel Asia, new episodes started on July 18, 2008. Despite the title, aliens technically are not monsters.

In each episode, the kids' everyday affairs are interrupted by one of the outrageous alien villains from their Rogues Gallery (often with a bizarre, harebrained scheme such as turning the entire planet Earth into an exclusive nightclub), whom the kid heroes must suit up and stop. Along the way, they must also deal with obnoxious millionaire Mark and their school principal, Ms. Rollins, who was an officer in the armed services and runs the school like a battleground.

Three kids are charged with saving their town from alien invasions with the help of an alien girl named Cathy. Along with her grandfather, they reform a renegade alien hunter club that was founded centuries ago called the Monster Buster Club.

Opening the book with a photo from Haunted Air (2010), Ossian Brown's uncanny collection of vintage American Halloween photographs, Charlie Fox writes "Beginning on Halloween seemed like the most potent clue to the festivities up ahead". The abundant festivities in this wide-ranging, free-wheeling book are concerned with the many varieties of monster and whatever disquieting sensations they might provoke in common: "I felt the same shiver: fear speed-balling with wonder. I was electrified inside. That was the monster feeling". 041b061a72


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