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G-Switch 3 Plus: How to Run on Walls, Ceilings and Traps with Your Friends

G-Switch 3: A Gravity-Defying Game That Will Challenge Your Skills

Do you love playing skill games that test your reflexes, timing, and coordination? Do you enjoy switching between walls, floors, and ceilings to avoid deadly traps and obstacles? Do you want to have fun with your friends or compete with other players online? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try G-Switch 3, a gravity-defying game that will keep you on your toes and make you want to play more.

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What is G-Switch 3?

G-Switch 3 is a gravity-defying skill game and the third installment of the G-Switch series from Serius Games. In the game, you can play with up to 7 friends in Multiplayer mode, or play solo with Campaign and Endless modes. Switch between walls, floors, and ceilings and try to survive a gauntlet of deadly traps!

The history and features of the game

The G-Switch series has been played by millions since its first web release in 2010. The first game was a simple but addictive runner game where you had to switch gravity to avoid falling off the platforms. The second game added more features, such as characters, multiplayer, and difficulty levels. The third game, released in 2017, improved the graphics, added more worlds, checkpoints, orbs, spikes, clones, and more.

The game modes and levels

G-Switch 3 has three main game modes: Campaign, Endless, and Multiplayer. In Campaign mode, you have to complete 30 checkpoints across three different worlds: City, Desert, and Space. Each world has its own theme, music, obstacles, and challenges. In Endless mode, you have to run as far as you can without dying. You can choose between Normal or Hard difficulty, and see how high you can score. In Multiplayer mode, you can play with up to 4 players on one device, or up to 6 players with computer opponents. You can choose between Tournament or Versus mode, and see who can survive the longest.

The characters and secrets

G-Switch 3 has 12 different characters that you can unlock by collecting secret orbs hidden throughout the levels. Each character has its own appearance and sound effects. Some of them are references to other popular games or characters, such as Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man, Flappy Bird, etc. You can also unlock a clone mode where you can control two characters at once.

How to play G-Switch 3?

The controls and tips

G-Switch 3 has very simple controls: you just need to tap the screen or press any keyboard key to switch gravity. However, the game is not easy: you have to be fast and precise to avoid crashing into walls, spikes, lasers, saws, etc. Here are some tips to help you play better:

  • Try to switch just before an obstacle rather than when you hit it.

  • Use the mouse or keyboard to play. Find what works for you.

  • Pay attention to the background cues that indicate when a switch is coming.

  • Don't panic if you fall off the screen. You might land on another platform.

  • Practice makes perfect. Replay the levels until you master them.

The multiplayer and online options

G-Switch 3 is more fun when you play with your friends or other players online. You can use the same device or connect with others using the multiplayer option in the game menu. You can also play online with other players from around the world using the online option. You can join a random room or create your own with a password. You can chat with other players and see their scores and rankings. You can also customize your game settings, such as the number of players, the game mode, the difficulty, and the map.

The download link and compatibility

G-Switch 3 is available for free on various platforms, such as web browsers, Android devices, and iOS devices. You can play the game online on websites like CrazyGames or Poki, or you can download the game from Google Play Store or App Store. The game is compatible with most devices and browsers, and it does not require a lot of storage space or processing power. However, you might need a stable internet connection to play online or multiplayer.

Why should you play G-Switch 3?

The benefits of playing skill games

Playing skill games like G-Switch 3 can have many benefits for your brain and body. Some of these benefits are:

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  • Improving your reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

  • Enhancing your concentration and focus.

  • Boosting your memory and cognitive skills.

  • Reducing your stress and anxiety.

  • Increasing your self-confidence and motivation.

The fun and excitement of G-Switch 3

G-Switch 3 is not only a skill game, but also a fun and exciting game that will keep you entertained for hours. Some of the reasons why you should play G-Switch 3 are:

  • The game has amazing graphics and sound effects that create a immersive atmosphere.

  • The game has a variety of worlds, levels, obstacles, and characters that make it diverse and challenging.

  • The game has a simple but addictive gameplay that makes it easy to learn but hard to master.

  • The game has a multiplayer and online option that makes it social and competitive.

  • The game has a high replay value that makes it worth playing again and again.

The user reviews and ratings

G-Switch 3 has received positive feedback from users who have played the game on different platforms. The game has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store and App Store, and an average rating of 9 out of 10 on CrazyGames and Poki. Here are some of the user reviews that show how much people love G-Switch 3:

"This is one of the best games I have ever played. It is so fun and addictive. I love the graphics and the music. I play it with my friends all the time."

"This game is awesome. It is very challenging and exciting. I like how you can switch gravity and run on different surfaces. It is very cool."

"This game is amazing. It is very simple but very hard. It tests your skills and reflexes. I like how you can unlock different characters and secrets."


Summary of the main points

G-Switch 3 is a gravity-defying skill game that will challenge your skills and make you have fun. The game has three main game modes: Campaign, Endless, and Multiplayer. The game has 12 different characters that you can unlock by collecting secret orbs. The game has simple controls: you just need to tap the screen or press any keyboard key to switch gravity. The game is available for free on web browsers, Android devices, and iOS devices. The game has many benefits for your brain and body, such as improving your reaction time, concentration, memory, etc. The game has positive user reviews and ratings that show how much people enjoy playing it.


Here are some frequently asked questions about G-Switch 3:

  • How many players can play G-Switch 3?You can play G-Switch 3 with up to 7 friends in Multiplayer mode, or up to 6 players online.

  • How do I unlock new characters in G-Switch 3?You have to collect secret orbs hidden throughout the levels in Campaign mode or Endless mode.

  • How do I switch gravity in G-Switch 3?You just need to tap the screen or press any keyboard key to switch gravity. You can also use the mouse to play.

  • What are the differences between the worlds in G-Switch 3?Each world has its own theme, music, obstacles, and challenges. The City world has buildings, cars, trains, etc. The Desert world has sand, rocks, cacti, etc. The Space world has planets, stars, asteroids, etc.

  • Is G-Switch 3 safe to play?Yes, G-Switch 3 is safe to play. The game does not contain any violence, gore, or inappropriate content. The game does not require any personal information or permissions. The game does not have any ads or in-app purchases.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something new about G-Switch 3. If you want to try this game for yourself, you can download it from the links below or play it online on your browser. Have fun and good luck!


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