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Night Tamil Dubbed Torrent

Meanwhile and unbeknownst to Mike and the animatronics during the week, an animatronic bear dubbed "Goldie" (Thurl Ravenscroft), with fur shining bright yellow/gold, spies on Mike while the animatronics become friends with him. Goldie mistakes Mike for the previously mentioned "Purple Man". Goldie seeks Foxy for assistance to murder Mike and leave behind no traces. Foxy backs out from helping Goldie, which infuriates him, believing Foxy is siding with the "Purple Man". Before Foxy could tell him he is mistaking, Goldie tries dismantle Foxy, but Foxy escapes. Foxy is unable to tell Mike (who is finished with his shift for the night) that he is in danger, but gives the news to Freddy, Bonnie and Chica.

Night Tamil Dubbed Torrent

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