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Carter Edwards
Carter Edwards

MMX - The Social Song ENIGMA (Official Video)

It was confirmed on Enigma's official Twitter that "Michael had received all the vocals from all the winning vocalists, that he was very pleased with their high quality and would use all of them in the final mix making it the first real and global social song".[9]

MMX - The Social Song | ENIGMA (Official Video)

Another contest was set up on the official website for the fans to choose the style and overall mood of the song as well as a solo lead instrument.[11] During the whole process of the production Michael kept posting short videos explaining the various phases of the track.

"MMX (The Social Song)" is a single by the band Enigma released on December 15, 2010 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the musical project.In October 2010 Enigma's producer Michael Cretu invited the fans to record themselves and vote for a vocalist to create the song via internet.Latvian Fox Lima's (Alise Ketnere) "Fei Mea" was the most voted and became the lead vocal for the chorus of the social song.The 3 runners up, J.Spring (Jerome Pringault) from Spain, Mark Josher from Brazil and Rasa Serra (Rasa Veretenčevienė) from Lithuania provided other important parts of the vocals like the backings, bridge and verse of the final version of the single.All 4 vocalists are fully credited for the lyrics and music.Fans were also involved in the production of the song choosing a solo instrument, its final style and mood as well as its cover art created by Lars Doerwald.Finally Arístides Moreno (Steadycamline) was voted by the fans to direct the official video which was released on YouTube, Enigma's official website and Facebook on March 17, 2011. Arístides Moreno (Steadycamline) also directed and edited a making-of video of the event."MMX" is the first track Michael recorded on his own in his mobile producing studio called Merlin, and it is also the first song ever created and produced via the internet exclusively for and by fans.

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